Journal your prayers

Don’t just journal requests. Write out any questions, any heartaches, and any struggles you may have. Also, don’t forget to journal praises, too. Allow yourself to be creative. You can also put your prayers into the form of poems or even draw your prayers. Writing a letter to God is another excellent way to journal. Once you have done any of these, then go back and read your journal entries in a week or a month. You are guaranteed to be reminded of how those things once were an issue have now been put into the pile of prayers that God has answered for you. Always remember to turn back to the pages of your journal when you’re feeling down. Your past praises will remind you of God’s goodness and love for you even through difficult times.

Take a prayer walk

Walk around wherever you may be at the time and give GOD all the praise for HIS beautiful creations. Walk around your job or neighborhood and say a prayer for the families in every home you walk past. Take a “prayer walk” anywhere you feel comfortable and safe. It doesn’t have to be subject to your job and neighborhood.

Pray over your calendar and schedule

Got a test coming up? Pray for the peace of mind. Pray for the people involved on both sides. Ask God to bring non-Christians closer to Him and give them wisdom and understanding.

Pray the Scriptures

Let’s say that during your Bible reading time, you come across 1 Peter 5:7: “God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him.” Here’s how you will turn the scripture into a prayer: ” Dear Lord, I’m going to trust you with my whole heart and give you all my worries. I know you will take care of me and the things that have consumed my mind. Lord, I believe your word over my life.” Do this with Scriptures that express needs and also with those that praise or thank God. Hey, why not practice with the scripture below

Tip: Take each sentence or phrase from this well-known prayer (1 John 5:14) and write it in a way that applies directly to your life or that you can relate to.

Pray about the news around you and around the world

When you hear or read about a troubling issue, pray for all the people involved in the matter. Pray for national leaders, community leaders, and all politicians who make the news, even our church leaders, in the headlines of social media and the news.

Partner up

Join a ministry, small group, or prayer team. Make sure to find someone to pray with regularly. Plan to meet at a local area once or twice a week or get together at some point throughout the month. Praying with a friend is great for fellowshipping and personal accountability. It’s also an excellent way to take a friendship to a deeper level.

Don’t say a word

Sometimes saying nothing speaks the loudest. If you agree that prayer is a conversation, you also need to understand that listening in silence is also essential. Silence can mean getting away from distractions like being around people, being on social media, listening to TV and music. Find the best place or a little-used, quiet corner. When you are listening, don’t expect to hear a voice, but write whatever it is down. However, do expect GOD to tug at your heart, move your conscience, or help you realize something you need to do or change. Again when anything comes to mind, don’t forget to write it down.

Always keep prayer at the tip of your tongue

We have millions of thoughts that pass through our minds daily. You daydream. You may have gossipy thoughts or think evil. Turn those not-so-great thoughts and daydreams into prayers. Be sure to ask God to help a person hurt by gossip, firstly. Ask him to forgive you for your thoughts. Our thoughts often take our minds places they should not go. Reverse those daydreams and other passing negative thoughts into moments to recognize God’s presence in your life. As you grow and learn to keep a prayer on the tip of your tongue, you’ll come to a closer understanding of what it means to “pray continually” (NIV).

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